The village of Burgui is gradually becoming an open-air museum where you can find out all about the traditional occupations performed in the villages and valleys of the Pyrenees mountains

Thanks to the voluntary, selfless work of the residents of the village, a traditional occupation is brought back or reproduced each year. Each occupation comes with a panel explaining and illustrating the occupation. You can currently visit:

The old, Mediaeval, Roman-style bridge at the entrance to the village introduces us to the trade of the stonemason, working stone with mallet and chisel, and how bridges like this were built.

Timber rafter
By visiting Burgui on the “Day of the Almadía” to see three timber rafts go down the Esca live, visiting the Timber Rafting Museum or taking a look at the full-size timber raft next to the village’s Medieval bridge.

An old-fashioned oven made of refractory bricks, similar to those once used in many houses in older days to make bread, has been built beneath a hip roof using typical local tiles, reminding us of the trade of tile maker.

You can visit an oven and see it in operation at the baker’s in Burgui.

Alongside the oven stands a charcoal pile with a vertical cross-section cut out so you can see how the wood is arranged for burning in order to produce charcoal

Ice house
An old, Medieval ice house, a circular, underground, stone construction in which snow was stored and kept during the winter, and then sold in the summer.

An old limekiln, where limestone was fired to make lime, mainly used for building, has been reconstructed


A saw beneath a wooden roof which can be visited to see how wood was worked in the past.