The valley of Roncal’s farming tradition has given rise to a range of customs and typical products, but if there is one product still made in the Valley that observes traditional methods and is matured as it always has been, then that is Roncal cheese.

When things are made well, they taste good, and this is the precept applied in the Valley of Roncal that brings us the cheese of the same name. Roncal cheese is a product with outstanding nutritional properties: proteins, calcium, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, and a number of B vitamins.

Made from raw milk from sheep belonging to the Latxa and, to a lesser extent, the Rasa breeds, it is mainly produced in winter and spring, and is matured for at least four months, making it intense, slightly sharp and buttery, and extremely pleasant on the palate. It is brittle when cut and is marble-white, tending towards yellow in colour, with small holes scattered all over the surface. It is made in a compact, cylindrical shape, with a dark-brown rind, smooth on every face.

A Roncal cheese weighs between 1 and 3.5 kg, and, in addition to its commercial label, must also come with a numbered label in the form of a wax seal bearing the words “Denominación de Origen Roncal”, thereby guaranteeing that the cheese was controlled while being made and was produced between December and July, inclusive.

Cheese makers::

Kabila Enea, Uztárroz. 948 893236
Larra, Burgui. 948 477046
Onkizu, Vidángoz. 948 477096
Diego Etxea, Vidángoz. 948 477027
Enaquesa, Roncal. 948 475014
Marengo, Belagua (Isaba). 948 394039