Burgui limestone gorge

Located to the south of Burgui, on the border between Navarra and Aragon, this natural gorge is the result of erosion by the waters of the river Esca. It has been declared a Nature Reserve and is home to a wide variety of plant species (oaks, kermes oaks, gall oaks, box trees and, along the river banks, willows and poplars) and animals (with particular mention of the large colony of griffon vultures, bearded vultures, honey buzzard, red kite, short-toed eagle, Eurasian hobby, etc.). A path runs through the gorge, allowing visitors to reach a small nature interpretation viewpoint where it is possible to observe the different types of birds present in the area.
The Nature Reserve encompasses the part of the gorge located in Navarre, which is just a third of the entire canyon, the rest of which comes under the Aragon municipality of Salvatierra de Esca

The walnut tree at Garde

This centuries-old tree, located at the entrance to the village of Garde has been declared a Natural Monument and is noted for its tremendous height and size. The base of the tree has a diameter of 1.81 metres, and it rises to a height of 17.30 metres.

The Belabarce Valley

Just 3 kilometres along the road from Isaba to France, a small road turns off to the right and leads up to the Belabarce Valley, going towards Zuriza (Huesca).

This is a natural area of outstanding beauty, noted for its silence and peacefulness. This small valley seems to have remained free from the pressure of the tourism which has always characterised the Roncal Valley. The Belabarce river capriciously winds its way through the valley, fertilising the croplands, potato lands and pastures on the plain, The shepherd’s huts add a human touch to the scenery.

The full length of the southern side of this silent valley is delimited by the impressive Ezkaurre Crag (2047 m.). The Scots pines on the sunny slopes and the beech – fir woods in the shady spots form an impressive forest reserve, which is still inhabited by the lord of the forest, namely the brown bear


Located between Isaba and Uztarroz, a small 200 metre long gorge leads to the Mintxate valley, offering a 15 km track which can either be explored on foot or on a mountain bike. A small colony of griffon vultures can be seen on the vertical rock faces. In springtime, beautiful waterfalls form in its ravine during the thaw.

River Ezka

The river Ezka forms the backbone of the Roncal valley, running from north to south. This river, which has the typical characteristics of mountain water courses, has always been related to the economic development of the valley and was formerly used for rafting purposes, whereby the wood felled in the mountains surrounding the valley was transported downstream. From an environmental point of view, the river is well conserved, and it is possible to find a number of species such as the ray-finned fish, barbel, trout and otter