Integrated Biosphere Reserve
RI-2: Ukerdi
RI-3: Aztaparreta

Nature Reserve  
RN-12: Larra
RN-18: Burgui limestone gorge

Natural Monument  
MN-22: Walnut tree at Garde
MN-29: Pine trees at Surio (Uztárroz)

ZEPA-2: Larra – Aztaparreta
ZEPA-3: Sierra of Illón – Burgu limestone gorge
ZEPA-7: Sierra of San Miguel
ZEPA-9: Sierra of Arrigorrieta

Larra Nature Reserve

The Larra Nature Reserve is the largest reserve in Navarre, whilst it is also one of the largest Karst areas in Europe: 120 km². This landscape is a combination of extensive formations of limestone rock dotted with black pines and large areas of mountain pasturelands. It includes the Integrated Reserve of Ukerdi

Integrated Reserve of Ukerdi

This Integrated Reserve features a landscape formed by large extensions of limestone rock, which is a bluish-grey permeable rock through which water penetrates and flows underground. The black pine and some Alpine flowers are almost the only vegetation to be found here. Amongst the principal animals populating the area, particular mention should be made of the Pyrenean mountain group, the capercaillie and the rock ptarmigan.

Integrated Reserve of Aztaparreta.

Located in the area known as the Corner of Belagua, this Integrated Reserve comprises a beech – fir forest considered to be the most well conserved woodland in the Pyrenees. The most characteristic animal species include the black woodpecker, the white-backed woodpecker and the bear.