Smugglers’ Paths

A beautiful path that runs along the watershed between the Valleys of Mintxate and Belagua.
Time: 6-7 hours.
Distance: 17 km.

The path leaves Isaba near the sawmill (road to Uztarroz), climbing a slope for about 30 minutes and going around the left-hand side of the summits of Ardibidegaina and Armotoa. It then descends to a pass alongside a barn and reaches the Pass of Mintxatxurria in 45 minutes. Then it goes around the summits of Ekialterrea and Larrondo on the right-hand side to the Pass of Lapatia. From here, follow the path above the woods to the Pass of Arrakogoiti. From here, you can descend to Yeguaceros or the Venta de Juan Pito on the Belagua Mountain Pass road.